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It all just happened…

James never intended to become a writer. It all just happened. He was working as a physical therapist at a Miami hospital at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and was one of the few who treated those patients from the beginning. When asked how he was able to just go into action without hesitation, he replied, “I am the son of a firefighter. That’s what you do.”


He braved through what most could not without judgment. He learned even more about people with different talents coming together to work towards a common good. He was there when no one else would be. He built a team and calmed the worry of patients, families, and staff.


However, what he did not realize was that he was under a lot more stress than he allowed himself to believe. The stress manifested into sleepless nights which he figured he could take advantage of by rummaging through his closets and pictures of his travels while listening to music in his headphones. It was the middle of the night after all, and just because he was awake, it did not mean that he had to keep everyone else up.

The music, the fashion, and the memories of travel started to bridge into a creative spark. So, he went with it. He started writing the things that came into his imagination. It was nothing at first…just thoughts. Nothing was connected. But then, after a bit of time, it started to become something. He moved his written thoughts around and found that they created a story.


THE DRAGON CONSTELLATION, the first book of THE AMBASSADOR CHRONICLES trilogy is slated for release in Fall 2024.


But before that, James’ debut releases are a 10 part series that establishes the world in the trilogy. Each story is filled with action and adventure, and gives insight into the special characters who shape the epic journey.

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